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Issues With Electric Stoves

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When your electric stove goes down, check some of these variables to see if you can pinpoint the problem. Sometimes it may be burner, sometimes the infinite switch and sometimes it could be totally different. These tips should be able to get you started in diagnosing what is going on with your stove.

Burner Doesn't Get Hot

  • Defective burner. Ohm test should read 20 to 30 ohms.
  • Defective burner receptacle. On plug-in type elements, pull out element and inspect receptacle and element plug ends. If excessive charring or pitting is noted, replace receptacle and element.
  • Defective infinite switch. Test for 240 volts AC at the two terminals going to the element when the switch is turned on.

Burner Only Goes to High

  • Defective infinite switch.


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